Rob Delaney


'Catastrophe' Makes Male Vulnerability Funny

In its third season, the Amazon sitcom has hilariously—and warmly—humanized its father figure.


'La Sexualité,' by Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney, he of the funny tweets and sometime writer of VICE articles, is releasing his first book tomorrow. The book is called Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage. and it is one of the most...


Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - High on Fire

Dear Matt Pike, you are a filthy animal teaching scumbags like me about NOISE. So you want to drink booze? Tough shit. We need your sonic warfare more than you need a particular beverage.


Rob Delaney

While in LA working on our Showbiz issue, we met up with comedian and VICE columnist Rob Delaney for a chat about hairiness, Twitter, and funny meat words.


Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - The Pickup

Because you're a personal friend of mine, I wanted to share with you some pickup lines that I've used over the years.


Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - Help Twitter and Your Country Today!

Twitter announced today that it has the technology to censor tweets by country. I like Twitter a lot, so I want to help them test their new feature. Thus, I've compiled a list of my filthiest and most offensive tweets.


Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - Cooking Up a War? Don't Forget the Piss

People are understandably upset after video emerged of what appears to be U.S. Marines urinating on Afghan corpses. If they're surprised, however, they need to pick up a history book.


Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - On Hating Gay People

Bepenised Texan Rick Perry's been in the news over the last few days for releasing a nakedly bigoted anti-gay ad that he believes will help revive his dying campaign. It won't.


Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - I Am Suing Kim Kardashian

I wish to formally announce that I am suing Kim Kardashian to stop her divorce from Kris Humphries.


Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - Mittens Romney!

You don't have to like it, but much like the sun will come up tomorrow and shine down on your morning boner, Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee for president.


Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - I Fuck Food

I would rather my wife see my computer's browser history than the amount of McDonald's visits on my credit card statement.


Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - My Life with Jews

I grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts. It's about 40 minutes outside of Boston, on the ocean, and there are a lot of Jewish people doing all kinds of Jewish things all over the place.