rob manfred


The Ball Is Juiced. Who Cares?

Home runs are flying out of ballparks across Major League Baseball. Fans and writers are whispering conspiracies about a juiced baseball. Here's the thing: it's about damn time.
Rian Watt

Has Rob Manfred Been Emboldened by Roger Goodell and Deflategate?

Manfred has the express authority to make unilateral changes thanks to the CBA. Sound familiar?
Sean Newell
pace of play

​MLB Has Another Dumb Idea to Improve Pace of Play

MLB is trying to speed up games, but it should really take more time to think these ideas out.
Dave Brown
St. Louis Cardinals

MLB Docks Cardinals First Two Draft Picks, $2 Million for Hacking Astros Database

Commission Rob Manfred also put the former Cardinals executive on the permanently banned list.
Sean Newell
mlb cba extension

MLB and MLBPA Extend Collective Bargaining Agreement Through 2021

One of the most important changes: the All-Star Game will no longer determine home field advantage for the World Series.
Sean Newell

MLB Lockout Would Be an Appropriate Ending to 2016

Are we a week away from a baseball lockout? It seemed unthinkable, but apparently it's a possibility.
Dave Brown

Trump's Stance on Cuba Could Affect MLB

Baseball, like the rest of the country, will have to wait and see what the new President does.
Mike Vorkunov
david ortiz

​MLB Commissioner Gives David Ortiz a Pass on Failed PED Test from 2003

Commissioner Rob Manfred says the survey used to inform MLB's PED policy was unreliable—at least in the case of the beloved David Ortiz.
Dave Brown
rob manfred

The Latest in Rob Manfred's Crazy Ideas: Limiting Relief Pitcher Appearances

Here we go again: Rob Manfred has a wacky idea to fix baseball.
Mike Vorkunov

Former Minor Leaguer To Sue MLB, Manfred, Selig for Misconduct During Biogenesis Investigation

Neiman Nix, a former minor leaguer, said MLB's actions during its Biogenesis investigation ruined his anti-aging clinic.
Mike Vorkunov
umps in headsets

If MLB Really Wants Shorter Games, It Needs to Figure Out Instant Replay

Baseball is still trying to figure out how to make instant replay work. This year, replays are shorter, but so much more frequent that games are longer anyway.
Gabe Stutman

MLB to Move Puerto Rico Games Over Zika Virus Concerns

The MLB Players' Union will be making donations to programs that combat the Zika virus in Puerto Rico.
Liam Daniel Pierce