We Got to the Bottom of Indonesia's Mind-Control Robberies

Local newspapers are full of stories about people being hypnotized into emptying their life's savings by gangs of skilled thieves. Is any of it true?
Alice .

The Four Most Infamous Heists of All Time

On the surveillance tapes, it looks like they’re having fun. Two attractive young women smiling and laughing behind oversized sunglasses, they could easily be buying cigarettes or gum.
James Borrowdale

Watch a Kebab Shop Owner Thwart a Robbery by Giving Zero Fucks

It seems as though the owner of a small kebab shop in New Zealand has found a pretty ingenious method of stopping would-be thieves in their tracks—and you best believe it involves acting blasé as fuck.
Alex Swerdloff
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Watch a Seven-Year-Old Hero Fight an Armed Robber at His Local GameStop

Unfortunately, grown-ass people aren't usually phased by a barrage of elementary school fists.
VICE Staff
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Some Robbers Tried to Fool a Bank's Alarm System by Wearing Tin Foil Suits

Dressing up like burritos didn't work out very well.
Gabriella Lewis

The Rise and Fall of the Student Bank Robber Who Wanted to Be Robin Hood

Stephen Jackley became obsessed with the man in the little felt hat and thought he'd try to right capitalism's wrongs by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.
Nick Chester

Mexican Robbers Might Have No Idea What They're Taking in Radioactive Material Thefts

After the fourth such robbery since 2013, officials insist thieves are targeting vehicles, not the radioactive material inside them. A truck stolen this week in Tabasco was found, but the capsule of Iridium-192 it carried is still missing.
Gabriela Gorbea

The Story of Michel Ferrari, the Man Who Stole $44 Million but Never Saw a Dime

He spent eight years in prison for masterminding "the heist of the century" while his accomplices ran off with the money.
Julie Le Baron

Gang Members Are Feeding New Zealand’s Hungry Children

One in four children live below the poverty line in New Zealand. The Tribal Huks, a gang that's made headlines for violent assaults and robberies in the country's North Island, is trying to help feed 70,000 hungry kids.
Tim Jesudason

This Guy Will Organize the Perfect Robbery for You

"Mr. C" was a highly respected fixer in the UK drug world. He's been out of the game for six years now, but was willing to speak to me on the condition of anonymity about how to pull off the perfect crime.
Nick Chester
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James Franco on 'The Bling Ring' and Celebrity Culture

How we feel about fame, what we’re willing to do to achieve it, and why we even want it, is a topic both fascinating and insidious. James Franco contemplates if the Bling Ring teens are just today's punks?
James Franco