Robbie Williams

remember when?

Remember When Robbie Williams Used Hand Sanitizer After Touching His Fans?

It's the face. The face really makes it.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Robbie Williams’ “Go Mental” Makes Absolutely No Sense

This single is either the worst thing he's ever done or an attempt to use horns and roaring female vocals to raise us to a higher consciousness.
Lauren O'Neill
Where's The Beef

Robbie Williams Is Very Sorry He Accused Jimmy Page of Spying on Him

Finally putting a stop to the beef that has shaken British music.
Lauren O'Neill
Objectively Correct Lists

8 Pop Resurrections That Rivaled Jesus Christ (from the Bible) Himself

It's Easter, you see.
Lauren O'Neill

Prepare to Get Laid a Lot with These Scientifically Approved Dance Moves

Peer-reviewed to get you in the mood.
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey News

Robbie Williams Thinks Jimmy Page Is Spying on His House

Williams says the Led Zeppelin founder has "been sitting in his car outside our house, four hours at a time."
Lauren O'Neill

We Forced Zara Larsson to Review Little T, Robbie Williams, Moby, and More

Sweden's best new pop prodigy gives us her thoughts on everything from Blackpool grime to Moby's new 'political' vibe.
Emma Garland
defending the indefensible

“Rudebox” by Robbie Williams is the Best Electro Record Ever Made and That’s a Fact

"Angels" is for funerals, "She's the One" for weddings, and "Rudebox" for every time you want to kick back with six cans of lager.
Josh Baines
short circuit

New Streaming Company Electric Jukebox Targets People Who Still Listen to CDs

A new UK streaming company is trying to win over people who still listen to CDs.
Victoria Turk
Deep Ass Questions

Why Do So Many British Artists Make A “Breaking America” Video?

Why don't you love us America? What can we dooooo?
Emma Garland