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Bruce Springsteen Performs a Sentimental "My Hometown" at the Tony Awards

Robert De Niro introduced the singer and yelled "fuck Trump" from the podium, but Springsteen brought the room back to a calm quiet just as fast.
Alex Robert Ross

'Heat' Is Hands Down the Best Movie on Netflix Right Now

Michael Mann's 1995 Pacino/De Niro crime drama is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Emerson Rosenthal

This Guy Gets Paid Thousands of Dollars to Slice Ham

Spanish cortador de jamones Florencio Sanchidrián has cut ham for everyone from the King of Spain to Robert De Niro, and considers himself an ambassador for his country’s Iberian ham.
Gareth May
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John Oliver Interrogated Dustin Hoffman About Sexual Harassment

The two reportedly got into a heated 15-minute exchange at a panel for a screening of one of Hoffman's films.
Drew Schwartz

The VICE Morning Bulletin

President-elect Trump to meet Japanese PM in New York, more than 300 US companies urge him to stay in climate pact, Clinton exhorts followers to "never, ever give up," and more.
VICE Staff
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Robert De Niro Wants to Punch Donald Trump in the Face

The Oscar winner says "He's a punk. He's a dog. He's a pig. He's a con. He's a bullshit artist." Then he quits being nice.
VICE Staff

On ‘Taxi Driver,’ Through the Eyes of Travis Bickle

Supercut master Jacob T. Swinney put together a video essay on subjectivity in Martin Scorsese’s classic 1976 film.
DJ Pangburn
Robert de Niro

Following Outcry, Robert De Niro Yanks Anti-Vaxxing Film from Tribeca Festival

Andrew Wakefield's controversial film won't be shown in April.
Leif Johnson

Robert De Niro Wants ‘A Dialogue’ About Anti-Vaxxing at Tribeca Film Festival

It’s personal to him, but it could be dangerous for everyone else.
Clinton Nguyen

Roberto Duran Biopic Sets Release Date

“Hands of Stone," starring Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez, is set for release on August 26th.
Nick Wong
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How Martin Scorsese Used Rock and Punk Music Throughout His Career

'Mean Streets,' 'Raging Bull,' 'Goodfellas,' 'Casino,' and more demonstrate how Scorsese creates mood with specific music.
Alex Godfrey
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Grace Under Pressure: On the Thrilling Heist Mechanics of ‘The Swindle’

Size Five's summertime heist-sim has me recalling Robert De Niro's criminal code in "Heat"—be capable of dropping everything, or die.
Carolyn Petit