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Trump claims the presidential election will be "rigged," new Zika cases in Miami prompt a travel warning, Warren Buffett challenges Trump to a tax duel, and more.
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New Documentary 'Democrats' Shows Us What Zimbabwean Democracy Looks Like

We spoke to director Camilla Nielsson, whose new prize-winning documentary 'Democrats' is a riveting and startlingly intimate look into the ongoing crisis of Zimbabwean democracy.
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It's Surprisingly Legal to Eat Lion Meat

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe plans to serve a feast of wild animals at his birthday celebration this weekend, and both wildlife conservationists and local villagers are pissed about it.
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Robert Mugabe Wants to Eat a Lion for His Birthday

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe will celebrate his 91st birthday this month in style, blowing out the candles on a feast of two elephants, two buffalo, two sables, five impalas, and a lion worth $120,000 in total.
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'Concerning Violence' Is a New Meditation on Africa's Struggle for Freedom

We talked to Göran Hugo Olsson, the director of the new documentary—narrated by Lauryn Hill—that brings Frantz Fanon's thinking to the big screen.
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Being a Tourist in Zimbabwe Is a Pretty Lonely Experience

Which is a shame for President Robert Mugabe, considering he's relying on tourism to boost the country's economy.
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Robert Mugabe Won the Zimbabwe Elections, Again

The list of rigging tactics seems to be endless, and Tsvangirai has compiled a pretty strong case, which he is preparing to take to court to fight for a re-election. His doubts about Mugabe's "win" are shared by many members of the international and...
Olive Hoover

Zimbabwe Has Its Own Anti-Mugabe Whistleblower

A taste for whistleblowing, recently reignited by Edward Snowden, has spread down to the bottom of Africa into the corrupt corners of Zimbabwe. With less than two weeks to go until the nation attempts to topple Robert Mugabe from a 33-year rule of...
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Robert Mugabe Is Having a Tantrum Again

Zimbabwe is about to hold its first presidential election since a new constitution was passed last month. As part of the reforms, Zimbabwean leaders will now only be able to hold the presidency for a maximum of two five-year terms, as opposed to...
Claire Simpson

How the Hell Did Zimbabwe End Up with Just $217 in the Bank?

I once found $200 on the floor of a gas station. If I'd known that made me richer than a country, I wouldn't have been so bummed about having to spend it all on tax debts.
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