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How Alleged Serial Killer Bruce McArthur Compares to Other Infamous Murderers

Experts weighed in on what burial patterns and alleged sexual relationships tell us about McArthur.


Is Police Culture Set Up to Fail Sex Workers?

Even in Vancouver, where sex work is “not an enforcement priority,” sex assault charges against a high-profile anti-exploitation detective show little has changed.


Canada's Worst Serial Killer Released a Book from Prison Proclaiming His Innocence

The writing is pretty shit—but the book is totally legal.


People Are Outraged Over Serial Killer Robert Pickton's New Memoir

Robert Pickton is serving a life sentence for the murder of numerous women, whose remains were found on his pig farm. The new book Pickton: In His Own Words, professes the convicted murderer's innocence and positions him as "the fall guy".


How Canadian Authorities Screwed Up After Jailing Serial Killer Robert Pickton

Eighteen years after Stephanie Lane's disappearance, and 13 years after her remains were found on Pickton's farm, her family's trauma is still not over.


How Canadian Police Overlooked a Serial Killer

Back in December 2011, while producing an article about the state of First Nations women in Canada we interviewed Anishinaabe activist Audrey Huntley. She gave us some valuable insights into Vancouver’s infamous crime and drug-riddled Eastside, then...