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Watch a Robotic Arm Keep a Toy Train on an Infinite Loop

Ever feel like your life is going in circles?


3D Printing Robots are the Masons of the 21st Century

ZA Architects new “Smart Masonry” construction method adapts one of mankind’s earliest building techniques to the Digital Age.


This Advanced Robotic Arm Will Carve Your Designs Out of Foam

An industrial-grade robot is only a click away in 'ROBOCHOP,' the upcoming installation from Kram/Weisshaar's.


Amputee Gets Two Mind-Controlled Robotic Arms

Les Baugh can control his two new prosthetics, simply by thinking about their movements


[Best of 2014] The Year in Robots

2014 was a high-powered year for robots.


This Ada Lovelace-Inspired Artwork Pits Musicians Against a Robot

A new installation asks musicians to respond to a robot whose movements are inspired by mathematician Ada Lovelace's work.


Giant Robot Arm Creates 3D Light Paintings

These textured, colored light portraits are made with an industrial arm used for heavy manufacturing.


The Prosthetic DEKA Arm Is Hackable and a Legal Mess

Imagine your arm being controlled by a hacker. Well if it's robotic, one security expert says that's a possibility.


Meet "Paul" and "Pete," The Sketching Robots

Patrick Tresset has created machines that can draw your portrait.