robot arms


How Robotic Arms Defined the Industrial Revolution

The evolution of the robotic arm, a product invented in the US that came to define modern factories around the world. It wasn't an easy sell in America.


This Warehouse Robot Has 2 Arms, Works Twice as Fast

Hitachi unveils a new two-armed robot for fetching stock.


NASA's Giant Robot Arm Will Spin Rocket Parts Out of Carbon Fibre

Lighter rockets will mean humans can pack more into their spacecrafts when they travel to Mars.


Archaeology Robots Will Explore Where No Human Can

Archaeologists need robots for two main purposes: to explore where it's too dangerous for humans, and then figure out what they've found.


Inventions Science Owes Me

Today's guest editor weighs in with a list of demands.


Robot, Pass Me That Screwdriver

An EU project is developing a robot that can grasp objects it's never seen before, which would help it work with unpredictable humans.


Watch This Robot Arm Play Catch

It can snatch a flying object out of the air in milliseconds.


The 3D Printing Robot That Draws in Metal

The design of the future looks freeform.