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The Spectacular Rise and Fall of the World's Only Hard Rock Theme Park

And what we can learn from it a decade later.
VICE Staff
Fast Food

Farewell to Chicago's 'Rock N Roll McDonald's'

Like rock 'n' roll itself, the iconic restaurant has been demolished as part of a corporate push toward modernization. We blame Maroon 5.
Myles Karp

Little Richard’s Traumatic Black, Queer Childhood Helped Mold Rock 'N' Roll

The musical legend continues to grapple with an identity that promoted freedom in rock music.
Myles E. Johnson

This Teen Took Candid Photos of the 70s' Biggest Rock Stars

Photographer Brad Elterman relives his glory days of shooting David Bowie, Joan Jett, Bob Dylan, and KISS.
Clara Mokri
Future Days

Why Do We Assume Good Musicians Are Good People?

Chuck Berry's death has reignited familiar questions over how far critics should go in the impulse to conflate a musician’s work and character.
Drew Millard
In Memoriam

Remembering Chuck Berry and His Extremely Complicated Legacy

He was as much of an American icon as he was a black one, but his legacy has always been complicated.
Austin Bryant

Chuck Berry, Rock and Roll Icon, Dead at 90

The man who many people attribute the creation of rock and roll to has died.
Mack Lamoureux
Please Kill Me

Partying with John Waters in 1970s Provincetown

This is the story of the 1970s summer photographer Nan Goldin and writer/actress Cookie Mueller spent in P-Town in the Cape, partying non-stop with eccentrics like Philippe Marcade, John Waters, and other brilliant weirdos.
Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

We Saw Skrillex Open for Guns N’ Roses and It Made Us Believe in America Again

What do Axl Rose and Sonny Moore have in common? We went to the band's Houston show to find out.
Andy O'Connor

Halifax's Adam Baldwin Wants Better Mental Health Awareness in Canada

The former Matt Mays sideman speaks on his solo debut and the benefits of being rock 'n' roll.
Hillary Windsor
Festival Season!

Inside The Festival Girl's Journey to Document Modern Day Hippie Chicks

Together with photographer Jay Blakesberg, 'Hippie Chick' celebrates 35 years of women at music festivals.
Rachael D’Amore

There's Nothing Weird About a Weird Al Marionette

Darren Moreash makes crafting rock'n'roll marionettes his artform.
Abby Ronner