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‘Free Solo’ Is Impossible to Watch Without Covering Your Eyes

Alex Honnold says watching audiences freak out is his ‘favorite part’ of the movie.
Jason Koebler

Center of Attention: Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the Media Machine

Alex Honnold talks about his historic rope-free ascent of Yosemite's El Capitan, working with film crews, and what comes next.
Steven Threndyle
Phys Ed

Climbing is Good For Getting a Grip

One Brooklyn-based musician gains power and clarity from bouldering.
Evy Pitt Stoller

Watch People Play ‘Pong’ on a Rock Wall With Augmented Climbing

Augmented reality meets indoor climbing
Daniel Oberhaus

Gear Physics: The ATC Is Climbing's Cheapest Piece of Gear and Its Most Crucial

A $15 aluminum tube that stands between you and the ground.
Michael Byrne

The Next Generation of Climbers Wants to Stay Indoors

We went to an indoor climbing conference to see how gyms are changing the sport. Hint: more plastic, less rock, and lots of people talking about millennials.
Matt Whittaker
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The Collision of Cartels, Rock Climbing, and Mining in Northern Mexico

One of North America's greatest rock climbing destinations has been held under shady interests for the past century. A dirtbag climber is about to change that.
Rory Smith
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Alex Honnold Goes Solar in Angola

In a country whose primary industry is oil, renewable energy has yet to gain a foothold. When they weren’t climbing the uncharted domes and spires of Angola, Alex Honnold and his crew were trying to change that.
Will Grant

FUEL: Rock Climber

We reach new heights and learn about the diet of professional rock climber Alex Honnold, whose jaw-dropping, free-solo climbs have cemented him as one of the most revered climbers in the world.
Alex Honnold
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Point Break Remake: This Shit’s For Real

Director Ericson Core wanted a “sense of authenticity and real peril” in the movie’s action sequences. So he enlisted a cadre of accomplished athletes to get it.
Will Grant

Crack Climbs & Land Mines: Alex Honnold in Angola - Trailer

Alex Honnold just turned 30 years old, but he's already a climbing legend. His latest challenge? A trip to Angola, virgin climbing territory, to scale peaks that have never been attempted.
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The 14-Year-Old Female Rock Climbing Phenom

We spent the day with 14-year-old climbing phenom Ashima Shiraishi as she talked about her ambitions and embarrassed grown men in the gym.
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