rocket launch


Start Rolling Your Blunts: Watch a Rocket's POV of a Satellite Launch

What it’s like to ride up to space with an Air Force missile warning satellite.


Astronomers Are Annoyed at a New Zealand Company That Launched a Disco Ball Into Orbit

The Humanity Star is a poetic and entirely useless satellite. For astronomers, however, it’s a pain in the ass.


Rocket Wildfire in Kazakhstan Kills Member of Clean-Up Crew

Hot, windy weather may have exacerbated the grass fire that killed a rocket debris collector on Wednesday.


If You See Technicolor Clouds on the US East Coast Tonight, This Is Why

NASA plans to deploy multicolored fake clouds over the eastern seaboard.


Japan Gets Ready to Shoot Down North Korean Missile

Seoul's warning came after the North notified UN agencies late on Tuesday of its plan to launch what it called an "earth observation satellite" sometime between February 8 and 25, which follows its purported hydrogen-bomb test last month.