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How This Trailblazing Navajo Cowboy Made Professional Rodeo History

A look at the life of Derrick Begay, one of the first Navajo cowboys to qualify for pro rodeo’s national finals.
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What It's Like to Raise a Professional Bull Rider

Watch the latest episode of the VICE documentary series 'Rites of Passage.'
Brittany Joyce
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14 Months Later, Here's Travis Scott's "90210" Video, Which Features Puppets Engaging in Sensual Content

Somehow, this is directed by Hype Williams.
Phil Witmer
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Three Rivers, California by Catherine Opie

Perhaps best known for her portraits of Los Angeles's leather-dyke community, here Catherine Opie switches gears to capture life at a Three Rivers, California rodeo.
Catherine Opie

Photos from a Muddy, Messy Demolition Derby in France

Winning just isn't that important at the Rodeo Car Club.
Edouard Sepulchre
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Watch Travis Scott Give a Coherent Performance of "Antidote" on Kimmel

Let's learn to look on the bright side.
Slava Pastuk
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Here's Travis Scott's Video for "Antidote," Which Takes Place in a Post-Apocalyptic Carnival

The single is from his newest album 'Rodeo.'
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Cutting Competitions: A Century Long Texas Tradition

Unlike many rodeo events, cutting, which entails separating a cow from the heard, is actually practiced every day on ranches.
Asa Merritt
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An Ode to Mick E. Mouse, One of the Most Badass Bulls to Ever Live

No bull rider ever reached the eight-second mark on old Mick E. Mouse, who was euthanized earlier this month after tests revealed a lesion on his back.
Patrick Sauer
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'Redneck Sandals' Are the Bastard Children of Flip-Flops and Cowboy Boots

Redneck Boot Sandals are here to help your toes breath without having to sacrifice your 'style.'
River Donaghey
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Mutton Busting and Americana at the Houston Rodeo

The Houston Rodeo is the biggest rodeo of its kind in the world. But it's at its best, and biggest, in its smallest event, when it's about kids clinging to sheep.
Jules Bentley
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New Zealand Rodeo Is Under Fire Following Claims Of Abuse

Rodeo opponents argue that the practice is cruel, and unlike its American equivalent, holds no place in New Zealand culture.
Danielle Street