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Throwback Thursday

Roger Clemens, Suzy Waldman, And The Freakout Heard 'Round The World

"Oh my goodness gracious," now and forever.
David Roth

Hall of Fame Voters Shift on Steroids, But That Won't Help Sammy Sosa

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens seem well-positioned to receive Hall of Fame voters' pardon over the next few years. Sammy Sosa has made no such progress.
Steven Goldman

Manny Ramirez, Steroids, and Having It Both Ways in the Hall of Fame

The question of how to handle known steroid users in Hall of Fame voting is a thorny one, but many voters have settled on a chronological distinction. It doesn't hold up.
Nathaniel Rakich
roger clemens

Roger Clemens to Pitch for Team of Ex-MLBers at Amateur Baseball World Series

Roger Clemens is lacing up the cleats for one more go-round.
Sean Newell
democracy inaction

Is Progress Finally Sneaking Into The Hall Of Fame Vote?

For a long time, the Baseball Hall of Fame vote was a celebration of grumpiness. This year, two deserving candidates got in, and things appear to be changing.
Steven Goldman

Baseball Players May Soon Sue Al Jazeera. Will Peyton Manning Join Them?

Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard may file a defamation lawsuit against Al Jazeera regarding their PED documentary as soon as next week. Peyton Manning will need to decide if he wants to do the same.
Teri Thompson and Luke Cyphers
nightmare fuel

The Craziest Baseball Player Commercials of All Time, Rated

Can Barry Bonds and George from Seinfeld interest you in some chicken?
Dan McQuade

The Baseball Hall of Fame Is the Worst Thing About Baseball

How can a museum in sleepy upstate New York inspire so much noise?
Patrick Sauer

A Complete Dipshit's Guide to the Roger Clemens Verdict

We realize this whole thing is all still a bit confusing, so we’re here to answer all of your idiotic questions about what exactly went down.
Zaphod Weinberger

A Complete Dipshit's Guide to the Roger Clemens Trial

"Why are they throwing the book at The Big Man? Isn’t he dead? Can’t Obama let him rest in peace?" These and all of your other stupid questions answered by our crack sports department.
Lou Doggs
Motherboard Blog

Baseball Fans Are Dicks, Scientifically Speaking

Could revenge baseball-beaning be analogous to honor killings and warfare? Who knows, but baseball is pretty douchey either way.