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Roger Stone Says SNL, Not His Alleged Gag Order Violation, Is the Real Threat to His Fair Trial

Greg Walters
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Prosecutors Say Roger Stone Violated His Gag Order Instagramming

“On or about June 18 and 19, 2019, the defendant posted to Instagram and Facebook, commenting about this case and inviting news organizations to cover the issue.”
Greg Walters
Roger Stone

Roger Stone is really testing the limits of his gag order

“I expect him to get locked up.”
Greg Walters
Roger Stone

Roger Stone gets full gag order after posting image of judge with gun crosshairs by her head

"The apology rings quite hollow," Judge Jackson told him.
Rex Santus
Proud Boys

The Proud Boys' new leader was sitting right behind Trump at his Miami rally

He was wearing a "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong" T-shirt.
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This Florida Man Destroying Roger Stone on Infowars Is So Satisfying

"You guys are snowflakes, and you’re going to go down in prison. You’re facing 40-plus years, Stone. It's coming down on you."
Allie Conti
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Trump calls wall talks in Congress a "waste of time” — and says he’ll get it built himself

The president said he had “set the stage" for what he's going to do.
Tim Hume
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Roger Stone allegedly quoted "The Godfather" while threatening a witness

Stone told "Person 2" to “do a Frank Pentangeli” before the House Intelligence Committee.
Rex Santus

Chad Johnson Says He Saw FBI Arrest Roger Stone

The Trump advisor was indicted by Robert Mueller, and former Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chad Johnson says he was there as his neighbor got nabbed by the feds.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Roger Stone

The FBI just arrested Roger Stone after an indictment by Robert Mueller

Law enforcement officials stormed Stone’s house at 6 a.m.
David Gilbert
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Manafort's lawyer has been feeding the White House intel on the Mueller probe

Trump's former campaign chair could be angling for a presidential pardon in return for passing on information.
Tim Hume
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Mueller just subpoenaed another one of Roger Stone's political operatives

“All of my activities to promote the nomination and election of Donald Trump were completely legal.”
Greg Walters