A Deep Dive into the Absolutely Ridiculous World of Roku Channels

Cults, dogs, foot fetishists—there's a channel for everyone on Roku.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Cord Cutters

40 Percent of America Will Cut the Cord by 2030, New Report Predicts

A new market analysis predicts the slow death march of pay TV will continue.
Kaleigh Rogers

How the Roku Experience Translates to a Dedicated TV

Roku's streaming devices are plenty popular, but do Roku-branded TVs hold their own?
Chris Brantner

Luckily, Shopping for Cord Cutters Isn’t Too Hard

There's still time to make a would-be cord cutter very happy this holiday season.
Chris Brantner
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Blackouts and Price Cripple the NHL’s Streaming Service

Not quite what fans had in mind.
Chris Brantner

A Cord-Cutting Battle in Canada is Brewing Between a Telecom David and Goliath

These are uncharted legal waters.
Jordan Pearson
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How to Watch the NFL Without Cable TV

There are plenty of ways to follow the NFL without paying an arm and a leg to your local cable company.
Chris Brantner
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The FCC Keeps Running Into Opposition With Its Plan to Open Up Cable Boxes

Six months after revealing its intentions, the FCC continues to face opposition to its plan to let you chose your own cable box.
David Bixenspan
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You No Longer Need Cable to Watch the NFL Network

Sling TV is the first streaming service to add the NFL Network, making it dangerously close to the cord cutting ideal for football fans.
Chris Brantner
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Navigating Sling TV's Increasingly Complex Offerings

Sling TV is adding channels, and complexity, to its streaming television offerings.
Chris Brantner
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Breaking Up Is Hard—Especially With Your Cable Company

Canceling your cable service may take more effort than you might think.
Chris Brantner
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Why Soccer Fans Have the Most Options When It Comes to Cord Cutting

Soccer may only be the fifth most popular sport in the US, but it's by far the easiest to follow if you're a cord cutter.
Chris Brantner