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'Bama Fan Found Naked on University Porch After Championship Celebration

The young man was arrested and released form Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $300 bond.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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We're Going to Find Out Exactly How Many Alabamans Voted for Nick Saban

If the number of write-in votes exceeds the margin of victory, Alabama law requires that the write-ins get counted. That's exactly what happened here.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Numbskull Alabama Fan Finds Time to Say "Roll Tide" While Getting Arrested on TV

So you shout out Alabama before you shout out your mom—while getting arrested? I'm guessing she's not going to be saying just "hey" back.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Tennessee Fan Wipes Out "Roll Tide" On Truck Just in The Nick of Time

Maybe it's just the feeling of snuffing out those goddamn Crimson Tide fans.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Lane Kiffin Gives LSU Fans a Visor, Fans Want to Burn It

When someone asked the boy what he thought when Kiffin gave him the visor, he said, straight-faced, "I didn't think much of it." Stone cold.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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For Alabama, There Are No Tough Opponents in The SEC

This year, the race for the SEC West is over, and Alabama might not get a true scare the rest of the season.
Kevin Trahan

Cam Newton Says He Will "Slap the Shit" Out of a Heckler for Mentioning Bribery Scandal

If you don't want to get slapped by Cam, don't say "$180k" to the man.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Good News: College Football Is Still a Cesspool

College football and college football fans remain the worst.
Sean Newell
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Nick Saban Would Have Sex With Hillary Clinton

But will he vote for her?
Sean Newell
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Troll Tide: Bama Fan Plants Flag on A&M's Stadium

College football season is here and Alabama fans are getting warmed up.
David Matthews