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The Rough 'n Tumble World of a Feminist Roller Derby Team, in Photos

What started as "wrestling on roller blades" changed after Riot Grrrls claimed the sport as their own. With knee pads and stage names, the Riot Rocketz from Leipzig, Germany are keeping a strong feminist tradition alive.
Stefanie Witterauf
Roller derby

International Roller Derby Teams Face Uncertain Season Thanks to Trump

International roller derby teams with skaters from the seven predominently Muslim countries targeted by President Donald Trump's travel ban are considering not competing in the U.S. at all if all their members cannot play.
Genevieve Berrick

'In the Turn' Takes Us Inside the World of Queer Roller Derby

We chat with director Erica Tremblay about her documentary and the importance roller derby plays in queer culture.
Britni De La Cretaz

'Women and Wheels' Photos Capture Ladies Who Ride

See female motor vehicle enthusiasts portrayed by Milwaukee-based photographer and motorcyclist Sarah Vaun.
B. David Zarley
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Why Are Female Athletes Criticised For Developing a "Masculine" Physique?

In becoming strong and muscular through sport, women prove that anatomy is not destiny, and that gender is not a determinant of ability or power. But society doesn't always see that as a good thing.
Emilia Bona
Roller derby

Meet the Men of Roller Derby, a Niche Sport Within a Niche Sport

Roller derby has been a sport long dominated by women. We hung out with local team the New York Shock Exchange to see what the deal is.
Elyssa Goodman

Meet the Roller Derby Girls Smashing Their Way to the Finish Line

Introducing New Originals, a three-part series looking at the lives of people who took control of their destiny by doing things their own way, presented by iD Mobile. In this episode we meet the London Rollergirls: an all-female, skater-owned-and-run...
Broadly Staff
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We Check Out a Spanish Roller Derby Game on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then MUNCHIES explains why a New Orleans gay bar changed its clothing-optional rule, and Motherboard investigates a new startup that's helping people identify counterfeit drugs in Pakistan.
VICE Staff

Beauty Is Pain: Meet The Artist Turning Women's Bruises Into Art

Artist Riikka Hyvönen's series of paintings was borne out of a love for roller derby and the female bonding that takes place therein. We talked to her about upsetting the male gaze (with glitter).
Elizabeth Rushe
Roller derby

Inside the Badass World of British Roller Derby

A kaleidoscopic of humanity playing a complex skate-based sport at a suburban leisure centre in the south of England. Welcome to the unique world of roller derby.
Dave Phelan

Which Roller Derby Team Has The Most Badass Skate-Out Anthem?

Noisey asked the top 40 ranked WFTDA teams what they’re skating out to this year to find out which team rolls out to the dopest anthem.