Ig Nobels

The 2018 Ig Nobels Honor Discoveries About Cannibalism, Voodoo, and DIY Colonoscopies

The annual parody of the Nobel Prize also celebrated studies about human saliva as a cleaning agent, the effect of roller-coasters of kidney stones, and the use of postage stamps as erection detectors.
Becky Ferreira

Take a F*cking Insane Ride on Cool 3D World’s 360° Rollercoaster

The duo of CGI animators teamed up with Always & Forever Computer Entertainment for this rollercoaster of a 360 video.
Nathaniel Ainley

Meet the 'Coaster Geeks' Who Travel the World Trying Out Roller Coasters

There's a global community of people who pick their favorite rides like football fans pick their teams—getting tattoos, writing songs, and collecting merchandise in tribute.
Andy Jones, Photos: Jake Lewis
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Tommy Lee Get Stuck Upside Down in His Flying Drum Coaster at Mötley Crüe's Last-Ever Show

A running tour stunt stunt descends from glam metal extravagance to comedy.
Craig Jenkins

Chasing Adrenaline and Childhood Memories at Six Flags Magic Mountain

After my parents divorced, my dad was a twitching nerve who constantly smoked, didn't sleep much, and brought us to amusement parks every other weekend.
Tess Barker
Behind The Lens

Behind the Lens: Bleachers' Jack Antonoff and director Richard Shepard on the set of "Rollercoaster"

Jack Antonoff gives us some girl advice, plus a behind the scenes video and tons of on-set pics.
Peter Sholley