Unlike Thinx, Erectile Dysfunction Ads Had No Problem Getting on the Subway

The agency behind the MTA's subway ads deemed menstrual underwear brand Thinx's 2015 campaign "inappropriate." Erectile dysfunction ads that went up earlier this year faced less scrutiny.


Your Morning Boner Can Help You Assess Your Health

A penis that’s still dozing when its owner is up and at ‘em can indicate that something may not be quite right.


Nicki Minaj Probably Had a Better Monday Than You

She performed at the NBA Awards and received the key to her home borough of Queens.


Fantastical Paintings Update Greek Mythology for Modern Times

Riot cops meet Heracles while a BMW runs into a 17th century painting in Jake Scharbach's time-bending art.


Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?

Considering that the holiday wasn't even developed until centuries after Jesus's death—and has been protested by Christians as often as atheists—it's difficult to know how J.C. would feel about his birthday bonanza.


Photos Emerge of the Islamic State's Destruction of Palmyra Temple

The Islamic State today posted dramatic images of them blowing up a temple in Palmyra, showing barrels of explosives being rigged at Baalshamin, the explosion, and the rubble left in its wake.


Islamic State Blows Up Ancient Temple in Palmyra

The jihadists detonated explosives in the 2000-year-old Baal Shamin temple, causing significant damage to its interior and collapsing some of its columns.


Watch Roman's Video for "Dangerous Love" Right Now

After a series of creepy, sexually suggestive vignettes, Roman reveals himself…


Watch a Millennium of European History at Internet Speed

A thousand years of history in less than four minutes.


5 Roman Emperors Become One In This 3D Printed Sculptural Mashup

Ben Alun-Jones remixes physical objects the way some people remix music.