Can You Guess Which MLB Draft Names We Made Up? An Important Quiz

Baseball is a game that abhors expression in every way. The one exception are the florid, goofy, aspirational names that players have. This quiz is about that.


There Is a Ron Paul Coin, Because Obviously

In Ron we trust.


Hey Ron! Should I Dress to Impress?

I never dress to impress anyone. At the end of the day, my character should speak for itself. I’m not wearing an Armani or Hickey Freeman suit. I’m out here to represent Ron, not a tailor. If someone wants me to get dressed up for a party, that’s a...


Hey Ron! Should I Marry a Manslut?

I fell in love with a guy three years back when I saw a shirtless pic of him on my girl’s phone. Since then, he's had his way with most of my girlfriends. But none of them understand him like I do. Am I making a mistake trying to turn this man into a...


Parsons' Portal to Hell

I’m about to be sucked into a Hell portal that sits in caverns somewhere around NASA’s JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab). The old line is that "JPL" really stands for Jack Parsons’ Lab, in honor of the rocketeer who dabbled in the occult and went to sex parties...


Hey Ron! - Am I Watching Too Much Porn?

There are probably a few people at VICE with sticky keyboards. Those are the co-workers I won't shake hands with.


Hey Ron! Reloaded

Your favorite life coach Ron is back with a whole new outlook on life and he's ready to share it with all you hopeless hapless scumbags.