Rona Ambrose


Trudeau Set to Make Sales Pitch at Davos While the Canadian Economy Tanks

As he gets set to board a plane to Switzerland, interim Conservative Party leader Rona Ambrose has requested a meeting with the prime minister “at the earliest opportunity to discuss the rapidly deteriorating economy.”
Tamara Khandaker and Justin Ling
terror in paris

Canada’s Opposition Leader Urges Trudeau to Keep Bombing the Islamic State

"Yesterday's terror attacks make us even more resolute that we must continue the fight against the Islamic State," Rona Ambrose said Saturday in Ottawa.
Justin Ling

Meet the New Ayn Rand-Loving Leader of Canada's Conservative Party

In a marathon meeting that pitted caucus members against each other, Conservative members of parliament and senators elected Albertan Rona Ambrose as their interim party leader.
Justin Ling

Decades After Europe and the US, Canada Approves the Abortion Pill

Following a series of delays, Health Canada announced this week the drug mifepristone will be available in January 2016 through a doctor’s prescription.
Hilary Beaumont
drugs and crime

Medical Marijuana Producers Can Now Sell Fresh Buds, Cannabis Oil in Canada

Following a Supreme Court of Canada decision that legalized the possession of edibles, the government announced Wednesday it has eased restrictions on what medical marijuana can be sold by mail and by certain producers.
Justin Ling
drugs and crime

Despite Federal Warnings, Vancouver Votes to License Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

It's the first Canadian city to establish a medical marijuana shop regime, which includes a $30,000 licensing fee and limits proximity to schools. The health minister quickly expressed her deep disappointment.
Justin Ling