Ronald Reagan


Is It Time to Start Testing Presidential Candidates for Cognitive Decline?

"We should probably assume that a significant proportion of political leaders over the age of 65 have impairment of executive function."


The Reagan “President” Quote that Trump Tweeted Isn't Real

No, Ronald Reagan did not predict Donald Trump’s presidency.


A Minor-League Baseball Team Is Sorry About That Video With AOC and Kim Jong Un

She was featured in a Memorial Day tribute video that played a speech by Ronald Reagan over a montage of images.


Conservatives are still flipping out over AOC’s tax rate idea — and getting it wrong

Republicans are dismissing the idea, but a new poll says a majority of Americans support it


Anthony Kennedy Was Never Really a Friend to Liberals

A look back at his record shows that but for a few high-profile rulings, he was a conservative justice who granted more power to the right.


The Violence Central American Migrants Are Fleeing Was Stoked by the US

We're still dealing with the aftermath of atrocities committed by US allies in Central America during the Cold War.


A former CIA operative was kicked out of Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing for protesting

The protester, Ray McGovern, used to brief Ronald Reagan every morning.


The Media Never Questioned Reagan's Sanity Like It's Questioning Trump's

Donald Trump has said the latest attacks on his competence were out of the "Reagan playbook," but that's not the case.


Here's What Americans Think of Donald Trump After One Year Compared to Former Presidents

Trump is the only US president in the last six decades whose disapproval rating is higher than his approval rating after nearly one year in office.


Here's Where Trump's 200-Day Approval Rating Ranks Among US Presidents

The data comparing President Trump to other recent Commanders in Chief is more surprising than you think.


How an Airline Tragedy Brought GPS to the Masses

The Soviet shootdown of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 in 1983 spurred Ronald Reagan to open the US military’s satellite-based Global Positioning System for civilian use.


How Trumpcare Could Cause a New Crisis in America's Emergency Rooms

If the AHCA becomes law, more uninsured people could crowd the country's ERs and rack up impossible-to-pay medical bills—which would be bad for patients, hospitals, and taxpayers.