How to Kick Out Your Terrible Roommate Without Being a Jerk

Because you deserve to feel at home in your home.
Leila Ettachfini

Woman Demands $500 DNA Test to Identify Which Roommate Stole Her $2 Yogurt

Apparently, a passive aggressive note on the fridge door was just not enough.
Jelisa Castrodale

10 Gifts for Your Roommate to Make Up for Loud Sex and Dirty Dishes

If you're not going to give the gift of dishes done in a timely fashion, you should at least give the random person you share a home with a plant.
Leila Ettachfini
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Stop Whining About Your Terrible Roommate

So long as your roommates pay the rent and don’t set the place on fire, they’re almost always worth it. Here’s why.
Anita Hamilton
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The Crippling Anxiety of Living With $100,000 in Student Loans

My massive debt doesn’t just make me anxious. It's changed the way I date and spend time with friends.
Seamus Kirst
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Five Signs Your Roommate Is a Creep

And how to get out.
Anna Iovine
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Psychologists Told Us How to Live with Another Human for the First Time

Basically, don’t be nasty.
Beckett Mufson
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How to Talk About Money with Your Roommates

Paying bills and having roommates for the first time is fertile ground for awkward situations and strained conversations.
Marco Margaritoff
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Never Sign an Apartment Lease Without Doing These Things First

Everything you need to know about renting your first apartment.
Rick Paulas
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The Most Disgusting Thing Your Roommate Has Ever Done

"I had a roommate who used to floss his toes with his socks."
Michael Migali
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For $600 You Can Play HQ from Scott Rogowsky's Bed

Quiz Daddy's old roommate is selling the queen and has assured potential buyers it doesn't have any "rips or weird marks"—whatever that means.
Drew Schwartz

'Roommate Monsters,' Today's Comic by Alexander Laird

From leaving a sink full of dirty dishes to pranks and thievery, these monsters have some pretty human-like roommate drama.
Alexander Laird