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Weinstein Hires High-Profile Lawyers to Represent Him in Assault Case

Harvey Weinstein's new legal team includes the same attorney who represented Rose McGowan, one of the first women to accuse the movie mogul of sexual assault.
Marie Solis

Asia Argento Threatens to Sue Rose McGowan Over Sexual Assault Statement

The actress and #MeToo activist asked her former friend Rose McGowan to retract her public statement about Argento's alleged sexual assault of Jimmy Bennett.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Rose McGowan Releases Letter to Asia Argento After Sexual Assault Allegations

"Be the person you wish Harvey could have been," McGowan tells Argento.
Amy Rose Spiegel
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump claims "bigger & more powerful" nuclear button than Kim Jong-un, Weinstein cases referred to LA district attorney, Senate seat opening up for Mitt Romney, and more.
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Rose McGowan Is Getting Her Own Documentary Series

'Citizen Rose' will follow the outspoken actress and activist as she puts together her memoir following the Weinstein allegations.
Drew Schwartz
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Tabloid Editor Allegedly Wanted to Make a Facebook Page for Employee's Vagina

Former RadarOnline employees say Dylan "Dildo" Howard forced them to watch porn, encouraged reporters to sleep with sources, and went into detail about his sex life.
Drew Schwartz

It's Time to Rewatch 'Grindhouse,' Rose McGowan's 'F-U' to Harvey Weinstein

Ten years after "Planet Terror," director Robert Rodriguez revealed he'd cast Rose McGowan in the Weinstein-produced film after learning about the producer's efforts to blacklist her. The subversive double-feature truly stands the test of time.
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim
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Rose McGowan Says Arrest Warrant Is an Attempt to 'Silence' Her

The actress and outspoken Harvey Weinstein accuser called the warrant for felony drug possession "a load of horseshit."
Drew Schwartz

Corporations Have Utterly Failed to Protect Speech

Facebook and Twitter are hurting those they should be protecting.
Jordan Pearson
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Rose McGowan Is Not Standing Down After Nude Photo and Sex Tape Leak

Following a recent private photo leak, the actress turned director plans to fight back against the alleged perpetrators of revenge porn. "Hey little hacker boys, Mama is coming and she hits hard," she tweeted.
Kimberly Lawson
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'Perverting the Youth of America': The Oral History of Teen Classic 'Jawbreaker'

Rose McGowan, writer/director Darren Stein, and members of the cast and crew tell the story of the making of the cult film about three girls who accidentally kill their best friend.
Mitchell Sunderland

The Best Broadly Interviews of 2015

You could wait until 2016 to watch our favorite episodes of Broadly Meets and Ask a Bro. But why would you want to?
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