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The Inexcusable Failings of Britain’s Worst Police Force

After multiple clashes with civilians—alongside many other allegations of wrongdoing—there have been calls for the police force in South Yorkshire, England to be completely disbanded. Here's how it got to that point.
Mark Wilding

Why Britain Needs Its Cleavage-Flaunting 'Selfie Queen,' Karen Danczuk

Any woman who has ever sent a nude Snapchat at 3 AM can relate to Karen. Anybody who has ever tried, and failed, to use their breasts to get a free drink. Anyone who secretly wants to be a little bit famous.
Helen Nianias

A Look Back at the Pedophilia Scandals That Swallowed Britain Whole in 2014

In 2014, a series of often seemingly intertwining child sex abuse stories have engulfed the UK in what has become the biggest scandal of modern times.
Tim Burrows

Organized Crime Gangs in England Are Making Money Selling Children for Sex

To some sophisticated gangs in Northern England, turning young girls into prostitutes is just another lucrative business.
Anne Czernik and Pete Sawyer

Organized Child Sexual Abuse in Britain Extends Well Beyond Rotherham

The revelation in August that 1,400 children had been abused and exploited in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 "is just the tip of the iceberg."
Sally Hayden
Here Be Dragons

How Can the UK Prevent Child Abuse?

We know next to nothing about child abuse in Britain.
Martin Robbins

Could a Whistleblower's Report Have Stopped a String of Violent Sex Crimes in England?

A security guard in Rotherham says that he told many agencies that gangs were abusing and raping young women in the center of town, but no one did anything.
Ann Czernik & Pete Sawyer

Here's What Officials in the British Town of Rotherham Knew About Pedophile Gangs

Shaun Wright, the police commissioner criticised over his handling of child sex abuse cases, has finally stepped down. But he is not the only official accused of failing to protect the area's children.
Ann Czernik

Fascists Fought Each Other in England on Saturday

An English Defence League protest that was meant to draw attention to a local child abuse scandal degenerated, to no one's great surprise, into an sectarian brawl between groups of racists.
Simon Childs

English Fascists Have Descended on Rotherham's Sex Abuse Scandal

The town where British Pakistani gangs abused 1,400 children has become a magnet for nationalist groups trying to whip up racial tension.
Ed Temple