Quickies: How to Turn Day-Old Bread Into the Indian Stir-Fry of Your Dreams

Floyd Cardoz shows us just how much more there is to Indian bread than naan and roti.
Alex Swerdloff
Indian Food

This Indian Restaurant Has a Whole Kitchen Just for Naan

At Baluchi in London, chef Arup Kumar Dasgupta has dedicated an entire kitchen and wine-pairing menu to rotis, parathas, kulchas, and other tandoor-baked Indian breads.
Johanna Derry

Why Curry from This Caribbean Takeaway Might Taste Indian

“Some people come in and are surprised to see Indian food on the menu,” says David Parey, owner of London Trinidadian eatery Roti Joupa. “They think Caribbean food is just rice and peas.”
Tom Jones

Why Notting Hill Carnival Reminds Me of Accidental Pineapple Crumble

Notting Hill Carnival is coming up this weekend and all I can think about is my friend’s accidental pineapple crumble. He ran out of apples so made a crumble out of pineapple and it was delicious. It seems appropriately tropical, too.
Katy B

A Delhi Restaurant Ruined Kebabs for Me Forever

India is a largely vegetarian country. But if you look hard enough in major cities like Delhi, you'll find meat palaces like Karim's—an indulgent, mutton heavy restaurant preserving Maghlai cuisine and serving diners by throwing their plates to them...
Josh Barrie

The Kitchen Divides Pakistan's Rich and Poor

When visiting my extended family in Pakistan, I am hyper-aware of the differences between the rich and the poor. Even at home, the classes are separated as young, impoverished men cook meals in sweltering heat for their employers.
Javaria Akbar
san francisco

Chef's Night Out: State Bird Provisions

State Bird Provisions, the wildly successful San Francisco restaurant birthed by chef/owners Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza, is hands-down the most exciting restaurant we've ever filmed in—so much so that we had to be dragged out to hit the town...
Munchies Staff

Sikh Temples Aren't Just About Eating Free Indian Food

Community is sacrosanct to Sikhs. They are not to be fucked with. That same notion means that they are generous in giving back, especially when it comes to langar, an incredible meal that is free for anyone who wants it.
Tom Jones
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How to Eat on the Cheap in Toronto

This isn’t a guide for the epicurean or the gourmand, it’s for the regular human being who doesn’t want to eat trash like Subway or McDonald’s but can’t afford anything much more expensive than that.
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