Roxana Baldetti


New Charges: Guatemala's Imprisoned Ex-President Allegedly Received Millions in Bribes

Otto Perez Molina resigned from the presidency in September because of a massive customs scam. He is now back in court accused of dirty deals behind a major construction project involving a Spanish firm.


Guatemala Opens Corruption Probe Into Ex-Vice President's 'Magic Solution' for Pollution

Roxana Baldetti promised to solve the long-standing pollution problems of Lake Amatitlán with a mysterious chemical purchased for millions of dollars that turned out to be seawater.


Jailed Former President of Guatemala Wants a TV

A month after being sent to jail accused of heading major corruption racket, Otto Pérez Molina asks for luxuries to alleviate boredem.


The Corruption Crackdown in Guatemala Is Making Mexico Jealous

Ever since Guatemalans ousted and jailed their president in a corruption probe, Mexican observers have grown green with envy over their own country's political shortcomings.


Guatemala's Former President Is Jailed as Protesters Oppose Weekend Election

The week’s developments have exacerbated an already politically chaotic period for Guatemala as it speeds toward national elections that many voters are insisting be deferred.


Guatemalan President Resigns in Wake of Massive Corruption Scandal

Perez Molina's resignation is the culmination of a year-long investigation into a major tax fraud operation that is estimated to have stolen $120 million from the country.


Guatemalans Celebrate as President Faces Possible Corruption and War Crimes Charges

After a unanimous vote to strip President Otto Pérez Molina of his immunity from prosecution, Guatemalans are celebrating but wary of the country’s history of impunity.


Guatemala’s President Could Face Corruption Charges After Congress Strips Him of Immunity

Guatemalan lawmakers voted unanimously to strip President Otto Perez Molina of his immunity from prosecution, clearing the way for charges in connection with a corruption scandal.


Guatemala’s President Faces Impeachment Over Alleged Links to Corruption Case

President Otto Perez Molina has had charges filed against him in Guatemala’s Supreme Court over his alleged role in a crime ring known as “La Linea.”


Rural and Urban Voices Are Banding Together in Movement to End Corruption in Guatemala

An unlikely alliance has emerged in 11 weeks of protest against the government Otto Perez Molina: Rural, mostly indigenous groups are joining urban protesters, surprising deeply divided Guatemala.


Protesters Whip Effigy of Guatemalan President and Call for Him to Resign Amid Corruption Scandals

Thousands of outraged Guatemalans took to the streets of the country’s capital on Saturday to call for President Otto Perez Molina to step down.


Guatemalans Demand Justice After Vice President Resigns Amid Corruption Scandal

The vice president is allegedly linked to a ring accused of defrauding the state of millions by taking bribes to allow individuals to avoid paying customs taxes.