Roy Choi

  • How to Run an Illegal Restaurant

    In 2008, when the economy went to shit, my wife and I decided to quit our jobs in the advertising and film industries to run an illegal Asian restaurant out of our small Los Angeles apartment.

  • Chef's Night Out: Pizzanista!

    Pizzanista! singlehandedly refutes the saying that there's no good pizza in Los Angeles. Owners Salman Agah and his wife Price take us out for a delicious evening in the City of Angels.

  • Huang's World: Los Angeles, Part 3

    Eddie heads to East Los Angeles and links up with LA food truck king Roy Choi to eat corn tortilla tacos and talk about why they've both chosen to live the food life.

  • There’s a New Food Movie Out—and It Doesn’t Suck

    For all you ungrateful urchins who have no idea what to do for their mothers tomorrow, Jon Favreau is here to help. His new film, Chef, just hit theaters yesterday and it’s got all the fixings for a great mom date.