Ruben Van Leer


[Premiere] A Solo Jazz Pianist Gets Overtaken by a Fractal Universe in This Gorgeous Music Video

Pianist Tigran Hamasyan’s hypnotic “The Cave of Rebirth” meet Julius Horsthuis’ infinite fractal landscapes in a stunning music video directed by Ruben van Leer.


'The Transmigration of Morton F.' is an Interactive, Browser-Based Opera

Film, theatre, and the open world play of video games combine in 'The Transmigration Of Morton F.'


[Premiere] A Stunning Dance Film Inside a Chamber of Reactive Data

Viewers are transported into a space where all human information exists in Ruben van Leer's introduction to his opera-film, 'Symmetry,' 'TYPE/DYNAMICS.'


Preview the Epic Dance Opera Filmed Inside CERN's Large Hadron Collider

We spoke with Ruben Van Leer about 'Symmetry,' his explosive upcoming film about particle physics.