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Utah's Offense is About to Set the NBA on Fire

The Jazz are deservedly praised for their defense, but this season may be the first under Quin Snyder where offense becomes a much larger part of their identity. How good can it be?
Michael Pina

Derrick Favors is Back in the Spotlight: 'I'm Still That Guy'

With Rudy Gobert injured, Favors has a chance to reestablish himself with the Jazz before free agency.
​Jared Dubin

Despite Losing Gordon Hayward, The Utah Jazz Will Still Be Very Good

Without Hayward, the Jazz will resemble the 2014-15 Atlanta Hawks and become a more balanced team that should remain competitive in the treacherous Western Conference.
Michael Pina
Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are Built to Survive the Loss of Rudy Gobert

Losing Gobert is nothing to dismiss, but the Jazz have the talent and depth to make do without him for now.
John Hugar

The Utah Jazz Are Dark Horse Contenders: The NBA Wraparound

Utah's two-way excellence, surprising death lineup, and perfect mix of youth and veterans make them a possible playoff spoiler—and a likely future contender.
Adam Mares

The Jazz's Starting Five Are MIA, but They're Still a Top NBA Team

The Utah Jazz's startign five have played a grand total of 12 minutes together this season. And still the team is on pace to hang a 50 in the win column.
​Jared Dubin

What to Expect from This Year's NBA Rookie Extension Dance

It's time for the most mortifying draft class in recent NBA history to negotiate their futures. So far only Giannis Antetokounmpo and C.J. McCollum have reached agreements. Here are seven more players to watch.
Michael Pina

Could the Utah Jazz Be Golden State's Kryptonite?

Yeah, the Warriors are an undeniable superteam, and the Jazz haven't made the playoffs since 2012. But if any team can disrupt the Dubs in 2016-17, it might be the Jazz.
Michael Pina

The Utah Jazz Are Growing Into Something Scary

The Utah Jazz have emerged as one of the NBA's most interesting young teams this season, and they've done it thanks to a homegrown core that's growing up together.
Jonny Auping
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DeMar DeRozan Crowned Rudy Gobert with Poster Dunk

Nice try, Rudy.
Chris Toman
tour d'stifle

Rudy Gobert Is Here to Smash Everything

The shot-swatting, all-destorying work that Rudy Gobert does on the basketball court may not be beautiful. But it reminds us of what's beautiful in the game all the same.
Evan Hall

Vince Carter Dunking And Mean-Mugging: A Christmas Miracle

Vince Carter went back in time, posterized a frenchman, mean mugged, and reminded us why he was so much fun to watch.
Sean Newell