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Rugby Player Banned for Three Years for Vicious, "Deliberate" Hit on Referee

Bruno Andres Doglioli tackled referee Maria Beatrice Welcome from behind, snapping her head back.
Mike Vorkunov

Enormous Nine-Year-Old Rugby Player Bulldozes Everything in His Path

Just run the other way if you see this kid bearing down on you.
Joseph Flynn

Passing-By Rugby League Personal Trainer Casually Pops Player's Dislocated Shoulder Back Into Place

It's hard to know how many shoulders this gentleman has relocated in his day, but good goddamn is that impressively quick.
Liam Daniel Pierce
examining brain health in contact sport

Former England Internationals to Participate in RFU Concussion Study

Around 200 players over the age of 50 will take part, with the aim of better understanding the long-term effects of playing rugby on brain health.
Will Magee
extremely transparent falsehoods

Martin Castrogiovanni Suspended by Racing 92 After Partying With Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Castrogiovanni reportedly told his club he had to attend to a family matter in Argentina, but was photographed chillin’ with Zlatan in Las Vegas.
VICE Sports Staff
stade de France

Stade de France Beefing Up Security with Snipers for First Event Since Attacks

Snipers, bomb sniffing dogs, and more will be on at at the first sporting event at Stade de France since November terror attacks.
Sean Newell

Wedding Party Performs Stunning, Tear-Inducing Haka

Oops, you just cried your face.
Liam Daniel Pierce
kiwi kindness

Insanely Classy All Black Gives His Gold Medal to a Young Fan Tackled by Security

It was a world class act of classiness.
Liam Daniel Pierce

I Have No Idea What Happened in That Rugby Game, But Boy Was It Exciting

An attempt to understand the Rugby World Cup Final through sheer feeling.
Liam Daniel Pierce
reality tv

English Reality TV Star is Rocked by Rugby Hit

Former All Black is living the dream by crushing reality TV stars.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Rugby Player Ruins $94,000 Camera by Signing It

Kenyan rugby star Collins Injera scored his 200th try and signed an on-field camera as part of his celebration. Only problem is, he ruined the camera.
Sean Newell