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Macklemore Is Going to Australia and Everyone Is Mad as Hell

The rapper has managed to annoy bigots and an entire rugby league team before performing at Sunday's NRL Final in Sydney.


Shattering Stereotypes, Breaking Barriers: How Rugby League Is Embracing Mental Health

While rugby league is often stereotyped as a rough, gruff, northern game, it currently stands head and shoulders above other sports in the way it confronts mental health, and the silence and stigma that come with it.


Jarryd Hayne Is In Hot Water After Being Filmed Handing Over 5k In Cash To A Hells Angel

But his greatest crime might be attempting to rap on camera. Pooooowee!


Passing-By Rugby League Personal Trainer Casually Pops Player's Dislocated Shoulder Back Into Place

It's hard to know how many shoulders this gentleman has relocated in his day, but good goddamn is that impressively quick.


Security Guards are Now Mandatory at Penrith Junior Rugby Matches

On the eve of an unprecedented move to appoint security guards to control crowd violence at junior games in Sydney's west, Penrith referees president, Phil Haines, is not convinced the change will be enough.