Rural America


Let's Tidy-Up Some Misunderstandings of Marie Kondo's New Show

Plus, what really happened to farming communities, and who is to blame?
Rob Zacny
Broadband Land

At the Behest of T-Mobile, the FCC Is Undoing Rules That Make it Easier for Small ISPs to Compete With Big Telecom

The rules around the Citizens Broadband Radio Service spectrum were changed in 2015 to make it easier for wireless ISPs to license space, but might be changed right before they are useful.
Kaleigh Rogers
Broadband Land

Rural America Is Building High-Speed Internet the Same Way It Built Electricity in the 1930s

The number of electric cooperatives beginning to offer fiber optic broadband service to their members has surged in recent years.
Kaleigh Rogers

Linden Frederick’s Paintings Capture Somber, Sleepy Sunsets

Open spaces are even more evocative when the sun goes down.
Diana Shi
arts funding

How NEA Funding Revived a Rural Town in Minnesota

When Fergus Falls, MN lost its main industry, Springboard for the Arts stepped in, thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Abby Ronner
Night in the Woods

‘Night in the Woods’ Is Soulful, Empathetic, and Too Real

The new game about a young college drop-out’s return to her struggling hometown hits very close to the mark.
Dawn Saas
This Land Is Our Land

Republicans Want to Take the Public Out of Public Lands Decisions

The GOP is set to kill a rule that some rural communities have embraced.
Grennan Milliken

How Trump Will Change the Lives of Rural America's LGBTQ Youth

Experts fear his administration will only widen an already problematic divide between urban and rural America.
Jon Shadel

The City That Was Saved by the Internet

Job opportunities are drying up in towns without broadband. Chattanooga, Tennessee turned around its fortunes by building the fastest internet in the United States.
Jason Koebler

Why It's So Hard to Get Mental Healthcare in Rural America

When I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, living in rural Maine became a nightmare.
Syrena Clark

Rural Pennsylvania's Survivalist Manhunt Saga Is Finally Over

America's fetish for militarized policing was on display during the frenetic search for Eric Frein, who disappeared after killing one cop and wounding another in September.
Nick Keppler