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Canada Has 'No Plan' to Bring Broadband to Rural and Remote Communities, Watchdog Says

A scathing new report shows that Canada has a long way to go when it comes to closing the country’s digital divide.
Jordan Pearson

Facebook Quietly Ended Its Rural Internet Laser Drone Program

The Aquila technology was part of a plan to provide high speed internet to remote, rural areas around the globe.
Kaleigh Rogers
Broadband Land

ISPs Have Asked the Senate to Limit Funds for Rural Internet

Proposals being considered by the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry would block communities from getting funding.
Kaleigh Rogers

SpaceX Just Launched Its First High-Speed Internet Satellites Into Orbit

The goal, to create a constellation of more than 12,000 satellites, is part of a project called Starlink.
Kaleigh Rogers
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The FCC Hopes its Empty Dedication to Rural Broadband Will Make You Forget it Killed Net Neutrality

The goal is to frame net neutrality as a fringe issue favored by the Hollywood elite, while suggesting the FCC’s hard at work tackling the real problem: rural broadband availability.
Karl Bode

Rural Broadband-Boosting Bills Would Enshrine Towns' Rights to Build Their Own Internet

If they can get traction, it will make small gains towards closing the digital divide.
Kaleigh Rogers
rural broadband

FCC Chairman Admits Cell Phone Data Is Not the Same as Broadband Internet

Chairman Ajit Pai released a statement and fact sheet Thursday ahead of his 2018 Broadband Deployment Report.
Kaleigh Rogers
Broadband Land

Trump Signs Two Rural Broadband Executive Orders That Will Barely Move the Needle

The president’s executive orders are fine, but won’t do much in practical terms.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Rural Broadband Advocate Tina Smith Will Replace Al Franken in Congress

As Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor, Smith championed broadband funding programs.
Kaleigh Rogers
Broadband Land

Verizon Abandoning 8,500 Rural Customers Is Proof that Wireless Is Not Broadband

The move makes it even harder for the FCC to make its case.
Kaleigh Rogers
that's not the same thing

Rather than Expanding Broadband, the FCC Wants to Count Cell Service as Internet

Fudging the numbers doesn’t help anybody.
Kaleigh Rogers
Commercial Space Race

OneWeb Wins FCC Approval to Launch a Fleet of Internet-Beaming Satellites

The company, backed by Richard Branson, wants to blanket the Earth in 720 satellites offering fiber-quality internet speeds for rural areas.
Jason Koebler
Carl Franzen