russia 2018


All of England Celebrates Trippier World Cup Goal by Throwing Beer Everywhere

Kieran Trippier scored off of a free kick against Croatia in the World Cup Semi-Finals, and it rained down a shower of beer.


Video Shows Croatian Firefighters Called to Duty Just Before Beating Russia

A whole group of firefighters were watching Ivan Rakitić on the verge of sealing a World Cup Semi-Final berth during penalties, when they snapped into action.


Belgian TV Show Welcomes Hologram Eden Hazard to Studio

Belgium's captain made an appearance from 2,000 miles away after their defeat of Brazil last Friday. It was kinda creepy.


An Ex-Pro Soccer Player Explains How Easy It Is to Dope

"I was only tested once throughout my entire career, while some players I knew were never tested at all."


10,000 Belgium Fans Plan to Chug a Beer Each Time Neymar Flops

The Belgium-based Facebook invite has 26,000 people "interested" in the Belgium vs. Brazil-based event. People gonna get fucked up.


5 out 5 Moms Agree: Messi is the Best

The Argentina star shocked a reporter who gave him a good luck charm from his mother and showed him he wore it during the win against Nigeria.


Australian World Cup Fans Drank a Russian City Dry

Several bartenders in Kazan reported that their stocks were completely emptied by the end of their nights.


Burger King Sorry it Offered Whoppers to Russian Women Impregnated by Soccer Stars

An ad campaign in Russia offered a lifetime supply of Whoppers (and cash!) to any Russian woman who carried "the best football genes."


Ponder the Depths of the Universe with Japan's Frog Mascot at the World Cup

Japan's poet frog mascot is documenting his time in Russia supporting his country at the World Cup. It is out there.


Important World Cup Investigation: Do You Hear 'Zhirkov' or 'Jerkoff'?

A whole new audience is being introduced to the Russian national team player Yuri Zhirkov. And they can't stop giggling about it.


Russian Lawmaker Tells Citizens Not to Have Sex with World Cup Tourists

Tamara Pletnyova also doesn't want people having sex outside of their race. "We should give birth to our own children."