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Democrats' Next Big Move: Haul Trump's Inner Circle to Capitol Hill

Rep. David Cicilline told VICE News the House will fight to compel Don McGahn, Corey Lewandowski, Hope Hicks, and Rick Dearborn to testify.
Matt Laslo
russia probe

Trump Just Told Don McGahn to Ignore a Congressional Subpoena

The former White House counsel was set to testify before Congress on Tuesday.
Greg Walters
The mueller report

Attorney General William Barr, spin doctor

“He did a masterful job of making statements that were highly misleading and yet technically not lies...”
Greg Walters

Mueller: Assange worked with the Russians because he thought Hillary was a “sociopath”

The Mueller report shows how closely WikiLeaks was working with the Russians.
Emma Ockerman
russia probe

Trump upon hearing about Mueller’s appointment: “I’m fucked”

"Oh, my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency.”
Rex Santus
mueller report

The subpoena war is on for the Mueller report — and it’s getting ugly

Democrats say they have a right to the full report. Republicans disagree.
Matt Laslo
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New documents show Mueller was interested in Cohen for a whole lot more than hush-money payments

Federal officials had been investigating Cohen for nearly a year before they knocked on his door in April 2018.
Greg Walters
Roger Stone

Roger Stone is really testing the limits of his gag order

“I expect him to get locked up.”
Greg Walters
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Meet the archeologist who's decoding the Mueller investigation for Reddit users

29-year-old Adrienne Cobb tracks every update in the Mueller probe, part of an online community of digital sleuths.
Adriane Quinlan
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Mueller’s digging deep into Roger Stone’s past, and there’s no telling what he’ll find

“There are a lot of breadcrumbs to suggest that the Stone indictment is not the end of this story.”
Greg Walters
Donald Trump

Trump calls wall talks in Congress a "waste of time” — and says he’ll get it built himself

The president said he had “set the stage" for what he's going to do.
Tim Hume
russia investigation

Trump and Kushner thought firing Flynn would get rid of the "Russia thing," Chris Christie says

“This Russia thing is all over now, because I fired Flynn,” Trump said, according to Christie.
Rex Santus