russian doping scandal

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We Asked Veteran Track & Field Athletes How To Possibly Fix The Doping Problem

Surely, many reasoned, the Russian doping scandal would prompt real reform. Only six months after the Olympics, nothing much has changed and athletes are getting fed up.
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it was just a bit of state-sponsored doping lads

Belarus Make Pro-Russian Protest At Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Belarus’ Paralympic team carried a Russian flag through the Maracana on Wednesday evening, in protest at their neighbours’ doping ban from the Games.
UK Sports Staff
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Banned Russian Track Star Elected as Member to IOC

Russian pole-vaulting star Yelena Isinbayeva, banned from the Olympics, was elected to the IOC.
Leander Schaerlaeckens

Former Arsenal Forward Andrey Arshavin Claims Some Sports Are “Simply Impossible Without Doping”

Now seeing out his career with Kazakh side FC Kairat, Arshavin has made a stir in Russia by claiming that doping is par for the course in some sports.
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IOC says Russia can compete in summer olympics despite doping scandal

The International Olympic Committee has ruled that each individual sports federation should determine whether Russian athletes are clean and eligible to compete.
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russian doping scandal

IOC Will Explore "Legal Options" For Russian Ban, Urges Federations to Avoid Holding Events in Russia

A pending case in the Court of Arbitration for Sport might be gumming up the works.
Sean Newell

Australian Race-Walker Stages Backyard Gold Medal Ceremony After Russian Doping Scandal Nets Him First Place

This Australian Olympian made lemonade out of lemons.
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Scathing WADA Report Details IAAF Corruption, Russian Doping Scandal

"It started with the President of the organization. It involved the Treasurer of the organization. It involved the personal counsel of the President, acting on instructions of the President."
Brian Blickenstaff

VICE Sports Q&A: The Reporter Who Broke the Biggest Sports Doping Scandal

In conversation with Hajo Seppelt, the documentarian whose work exposed Russian track and field and might yet bring competitive athletics to its knees.
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