Russian hacking


Russian hackers are infiltrating European governments ahead of May elections, security firm says

FireEye says the cyber attacks by two Kremlin-linked hacking groups have increased significantly since mid-2018


It's getting much harder for Russia to deny hacking — but they’re trying it anyway

“They’ll insult the critics, twist the facts, accuse the accusers of the same violation, and issue lurid warnings about the terrible consequences.”


The DNC was "hacked" by its own people

The clickjack is coming from inside the house.


Trump apparently trusts former KGB spy Putin just as much as America's top intel chief

This was the most controversial moment from Trump's meeting with Putin.


Basic Digital Security Could Have Prevented One of the Biggest Political Scandals in American History

Russia hacked the Clinton campaign in large part because John Podesta didn't bother to turn on two-factor authentication.


This is why Russian hackers are so good

Since the 2016 election, hacking has become synonymous with one country: Russia.


The Russian group that hacked the DNC also hit Germany’s government

Germany’s Interior Ministry publicly confirmed the cyberattack without details.


Putin's re-election bid takes a page from the George W. Bush playbook

Russian President Vladimir Putin took a page out of George W. Bush’s “Mission accomplished” playbook on Monday when he staged a surprise visit to Syria and told Russian servicemen they’d soon be “going home victorious.”