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The Resistance in Star Wars also has to worry about Russian bots

“It is important to stress, of course, that there are also a substantial number of fans who simply think The Last Jedi is a bad film and who use social media to express their disappointment.”
Greg Walters
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Big Tech just apologized to Diamond and Silk in front of Congress

Monika Bickert, Facebook’s vp for Global Policy Management, began her testimony by profusely apologizing to pro-Trump web commentators Diamond and Silk
Alex Thompson

Facebook Is Testing a Feature to Tell You If That DM Came from Russia

Facebook has faced a wave of misinformation and scam campaigns. Users may soon have more information about that unsolicited direct message, judging by a new feature Facebook is currently trying out.
Joseph Cox
Russian meddling

Bot or not: Can you tell which memes came straight from Russian trolls?

These Russian Facebook ads and good, old American memes look mighty similar.
Christianna Silva
Christina Sterbenz
Russian Trolls

All 3,519 Facebook ads Russia used to troll the U.S. election

Congress released a huge trove of ads bought by Russian trolls to sew division in America.
Christianna Silva

The Pentagon is exaggerating the impact of Russian propaganda trolls, experts say

“Although tensions with Russia are at an all-time high, the threat of retaliatory cyberattacks is overblown.”
David Gilbert
Russian Trolls

Reddit admits it had a Russian troll problem during the election

Content produced by accounts now known to be Russian trolls was shared by Trump supporters on subreddits such as r/The_Donald.
Tim Hume

Russian Twitter bots are still raging over 2018 Olympics ban

Greg Walters

Facebook is going to tell you how many Russian trolls you follow

The social network revealed Thursday it is creating “a portal to enable people on Facebook to learn which of the Internet Research Agency Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts they may have liked or followed between January 2015 and August 2017.”
David Gilbert
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Michael Flynn retweeted Kremlin Twitter trolls in days before election

Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn not only followed Russian troll accounts on Twitter, he repeatedly retweeted their propaganda in the weeks before the election.
Tim Hume
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Russian Facebook Trolls Got Two Groups of People to Protest Each Other In Texas

A US Senator revealed on Wednesday that Russian trolls organized a simultaneous protest and a counter-protest in Texas in 2016.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Russia reportedly tried to make people Pokémon Go to the polls

Alexa Liautaud