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Stream Rust Belt Punk-Turned-Troubadour Austin Lucas' Gritty New Album

The sepia-tinted LP, 'Immortal Americans,' is a meditation on the darkness and light of growing up in a blighted Rust Belt.
Kim Kelly

Lonely Photos of Daily Life in the Rust Belt

Photographer Niko J. Kallianiotis captures the anxiety and joy of living in small-town Pennsylvania.
Ellyn Kail
Real Life

Night In The Woods Is An Affecting Portrait of A Rust Belt Community

"I met a lot of people who assumed that because my hometown is in the Rust Belt, it’s a small town, there’s nothing there."
Kevin Wong
Night in the Woods

‘Night in the Woods’ Is Soulful, Empathetic, and Too Real

The new game about a young college drop-out’s return to her struggling hometown hits very close to the mark.
Dawn Saas
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Meet the steel workers who voted for Trump in Pennsylvania

"I'm willing to give someone else a chance. I think a lot of other people are the same way," a 40-year veteran of the industry told VICE News.
Joshua Hersh

The Unbeautiful Game: Cleveland, Buffalo, and the Dismal NFL

The Bills and Browns played a sad football game on Sunday, but perhaps it's not their fault the NFL invites mediocrity.
Pete Beatty

Photographer Juan Madrid Takes Intimate Portraits of Fallen American Cities

We talked to him about capitalism, despair, and knife fights.

Rich Millennials on Trains Won't Save America

The Millennial Trains Project puts young entrepreneurs on a train and asks them to develop projects in each community they pass through. It's a dumb idea.
Aaron Miguel Cantú
Buffalo Bills

Hey Jon Bon Jovi: Bills Fans Live on Buffalo Wings and Straight Talk, Not a Prayer

Wanted, preferably alive: an NFL owner that embodies the unique spirit of the Rust Belt city.
Spencer Lund

Tonight on 'VICE' on HBO: Scrapping with David Choe

Once-great American manufacturing cities like Detroit and Cleveland are full of rusting scrap metal. Tonight on VICE on HBO, David Choe meets the people who risk their lives to find scrap metal, visits the scrapyards that buy scrap, and follows...
VICE Staff