Global Warming Is Wiping Out Marine Animals Faster Than Land Dwellers

A study of 406 cold-blooded animals revealed that climate change is already pushing marine species to their thermal limits.
Becky Ferreira
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Northwestern Player Drops Ball to Tie Shoelace, Gets Justifiably Wrecked With Turnover

This one is all on Shoelaces McGee here.
Liam Daniel Pierce
college football

This Play is All You Need To Know About Rutgers Football

This play is Rutgers football—everything it has been and everything it will be.
Kevin Trahan
college football

Ruth's Chris Steak House 'One Percent Discount Per Winning Point Differential' for Michigan vs. Rutgers Game Backfires

They should definitely let Michigan players get the discount as originally promised—they'll need a lot of protein after last night.
Liam Daniel Pierce
college football

The Michigan-Rutgers Internet Rivalry Got The Result It Deserved

As we all expected, Rutgers is very bad.
Kevin Trahan

A Successful New HIV-Nuking Drug Wasn't Even Designed for HIV

It may even be part of an eventual HIV cure.
Michael Byrne
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"Obviously they've got some problems": The Sad State of Rutgers Basketball

Rutgers is headed toward a historically bad season with no relief in sight.
Mike Vorkunov
college basketball

By The Numbers, Rutgers May End Up As The Worst Major Conference Basketball Team Ever

Rutgers is winless in Big Ten play, and they deserve every bit of it. Advanced statistics more accurately capture the Scarlet Knights' historical futility.
Kevin Trahan
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Here's Why Polar Bears' Summer Just Got a Bit Worse

The National Snow and Ice Data Center says there was 35,000 square miles less sea ice in the Arctic last month than any January on record — and that's one step closer to an ice-free summer at the North Pole.
Jake Bleiberg
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College Basketball Grab Bag: Virginia's Offense Rocks; Rutgers Is Getting Rolled

Virginia's elite offense, Rutgers' non-elite everything, Northern Iowa's giant-killing, and the photogenic Tom Crean highlight our weekly college basketball roundup.
Kevin Trahan
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David Roth's Weak in Review: Re-Learning to Love College Basketball

Even at its best, college basketball is a flawed and messy and occasionally hard-to-watch thing. It is not at its best just yet, but it's just what we need. Bill Raftery knows this, and he's good at it.
David Roth

Rutgers Fans are Very Proud of Rutgers and New Jersey

Rutgers is sad.
Sean Newell