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MLB Clears Players after Al Jazeera Report; NFL Investigation Stalls

On Friday, MLB cleared Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman of any wrongdoing related to an Al Jazeera report about steroid use. Meanwhile, the NFL still hasn't interviewed players mentioned in that same report.
Mike Vorkunov
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Don't Throw Stuff at Ryan Howard, Replacing Hunter Pence, and More: This Particular Week in Baseball

The San Francisco Giants need to replace the weirdest player in baseball to stay in the race; they probably shouldn't do it with Carl Crawford, though. Also: gross fans are gross.
Matthew Kory

Ryan Howard, the Last Relic of the Philadelphia Phillies' Glory Years

During the first two years of his career, Ryan Howard was hitting home runs and the Phillies were competing for championships. Now Howard is in obvious decline, and the Phillies are rebuilding.
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Baseball Players' Attorneys Spare No Insult In Lawsuit Against Al Jazeera

We take a look at highlights from Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard's defamation lawsuits against Al Jazeera.
Teri Thompson and Luke Cyphers

Baseball Players Sue Al Jazeera, Peyton Manning Also Seriously Considering Lawsuit

Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman filed defamation lawsuits against Al Jazeera after the news agency linked them to performance enhancing drugs. Peyton Manning is also considering a lawsuit.
Teri Thompson and Luke Cyphers

Baseball Players May Soon Sue Al Jazeera. Will Peyton Manning Join Them?

Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard may file a defamation lawsuit against Al Jazeera regarding their PED documentary as soon as next week. Peyton Manning will need to decide if he wants to do the same.
Teri Thompson and Luke Cyphers

Pharmacist Links Peyton Manning to NFL-Banned Performance Enhancing Drugs, Then Recants

This got messy, fast.
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