Ryder Ripps


Ryder Ripps Designs Soylent Food Bars | Insta of the Week

Is black text on a white background enough to sustain you?


15 Artists Who Are Feeling The Bern

From Spike Lee and Chloe Sevigny to Killer Acid and Ron English, these artists and performer all stan for Bernie Sanders.


Young Artists Rally to Raise $10K for Bernie Sanders

The entire show was created on the average individual donation to Sanders: $27.


'Feelings Film Festival' and the Weird Vibes of a New Generation

The hands and eyes that built Anthology Film Archives would be proud.


Insta of the Week: Google's New Logo, Explained

Here's Ryder Ripps' take. So, what do you think of Google's new logo?


Meet The 6 People Living Online For Ryder Ripps

For 'Alone Together,' they get to spend seven hours a day, four days a week using the internet. For six weeks.


Internet Alienation Gets Physical at Ryder Ripps' New Show

For upcoming show 'ALONE TOGETHER' the artist will situate a microcosm of the internet inside Red Bull Studios New York.


Artist Ryder Ripps Turned a Woman's Instagram Photos into Distorted Hyper-Realistic Paintings

In anticipation of his first solo show, 'Ho,' the polarizing artist talked to us about everything from Goatse to Jeff Koons.


PC Music is Post-Internet Art

The media's conversations around PC Music have missed one vital connection: the rising label's roots in the technology-obsessed, "post-internet" corner of contemporary art.


Meet The Artist Who Launched The First Kickstarter-Powered Art Exhibition

Using the crowd-funding platform as a medium, Krystal South created a one-of-a-kind exhibition format.


Fuck the Dark Net: Here’s the Soft Net

Sean J Patrick Carney calls out the softest net artists in the game.


New App Lets Drake Appear In Your Best Selfies

With "Drake Shake," the song "Cameras/Good Ones Go" has even more legitimacy