The Houston Astros Have Turned Data into Winning Baseball

After three painful seasons, the Astros turned things around in 2015. Can they build on their modern approach this season?
Mike Vorkunov
democracy inaction

Is Progress Finally Sneaking Into The Hall Of Fame Vote?

For a long time, the Baseball Hall of Fame vote was a celebration of grumpiness. This year, two deserving candidates got in, and things appear to be changing.
Steven Goldman

Future of the Game: Baseball's Latest Statistical Revolution

FUTURE OF THE GAME is a new series exploring the cutting edge in sports technology, co-produced with our pals at VICE's tech channel Motherboard. In our first episode we meet the architects of MLB Statcast.
VICE Sports
Deep Ass Questions

How Based Is Your Favorite Musician's Twitter Account?

Thanks to the wonders of Data Journalism, we can find out.
Chad Major
rob wilfong

Routine Moments in Baseball History: Why Everyone Hates the Sacrifice Bunt

Let's talk about a bunt the Angels laid down in 1984.
Harry Cheadle
adrian wojnarowski

Why Sportswriters Shouldn’t "Stick to Sports"

You can't take politics out of sports without losing something essential in the process.
Robert Wheel
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Billy Beane Is Not Human

Billy Beane's op-ed about the future of sport unfortunately reveals a very narrow viewpoint.
Eric Nusbaum

Big Surprise - At WAR with SABR

Right now the leading candidates for MVP in both the American League and National League make less than one million dollars… combined. Mike Trout is leading all of baseball with a WAR of +9.3 and Andrew McCutchen third at +6. What the fuck is WAR? It...
Anthony Pappalardo

Despite What Geeks Think the Tampa Bay Rays Aren't that Great At Anything

Once a laughable expansion team with obnoxious uniforms, the Tampa Bay Rays have revamped their franchise into a competitive and savvy press darling but despite being heralded as the smartest franchise in baseball, no one but geeks really fucking care...
Anthony Pappalardo