Dozens of Cat Mummies Found in 4,500-Year-Old Egyptian Tombs

The King Userkaf pyramid complex at Saqqara is the final resting place for cats and scarab beetles—and it still contains unopened tombs.


Angel Is the Newcomer You Should Start 2018 With

Not only for those who love old The Weeknd: Noisey presents "Sacrifice", the first mixtape by Angel from The Bronx.


Inside the Meat Market that Sells Animals for Sacrifice

“White families go to Dairy Queen, and Hmong families come here.”


Ancient Ritually Sacrificed Stallions Reveal How Humans Changed Horse Genetics

A tale of sepulchral chambers and Y chromosomes.


Vikings Were Great Cooks Long Before The Rest of Us

As a Scandinavian chef, I've immersed myself into our history to figure out how people have pulled through our freezing winters.


Remembering the Classic Games of Shiny Entertainment

The now-defunct Californian studio's David Perry discusses some of the company's finest work, including "Earthworm Jim" and 'MDK.'



In this latest episode of Julian Glander's comic "PLEASE LOOK AT ME," we learn that in order to become a master of grilling, you must not let the grill master you.


Searching for Thailand's Grimmest Good Luck Charm

After hearing rumors of Thai monks burning stillborn babies for luck, I went on a journey to see if there was any truth to them.


The Vegan Vodou High Priestess of New Orleans Isn’t Interested in Animal Sacrifice

Vodou—not the Voodoo of Hollywood schlock—is a fluid and creative faith. Sallie Ann Glassman, a renowned Vodou practitioner, is a testament to this with her veganism. Increasingly, Vodouisants around the world have adopted an animal-free lifestyle like...


The Promised Land: Cocaine and Faith in the Amazon (Full Length)

VICE News meets the apocalyptic sect living in the center of the fastest growing coca-producing region in South America.


Cocaine and Faith in the Amazon (Part 3)

In the final part of our series, VICE News visits a coca plantation near Caballococha, Peru, and learns of the environmental impact the Israelite farmers and the introduction of crops have had on the Amazon rainforest's ecosystem.


Photos of Animal Sacrifices from Nepal's Gadhimai Festival

Thousands of animals were ritualistically killed outside the city of Birgunj in November.