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Yung Lean Gives Us an Early Christmas Gift in the Form of His 'Frost God' EP

Have a very Sadboy holiday :'(
Phil Witmer
yung lean

Dean Blunt and Yung Lean Are Unlikely Collaborators in Shadowy "Fronto Kings" Video

The enigmatic British artist and Sad Boys ringleader team up for a new visual.
Max Mertens
Festivals 2015

Meet the Guy Who Claims to Be the Saddest Morrissey Fan at FYF

He's got a prayer candle, a bouquet of roses, and a vest custom-made by his mom.
Eve Barlow

We Asked Some Male VICE Writers to Tell Us About Their Worst Break-Ups

A study earlier this week found that men are objectively terrible at getting over break-ups. We got some of our favorite male writers to tell us whether or not that's bullshit.
VICE Staff
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Yung Lean Salutes a Fallen Friend with "Roses"

The rapper pays somber tribute to Hippos in Tanks founder Barron Machat.
Noisey Staff
Noisey Presents

New York: Come Party with Yung Lean, Sad Boys, and Brenmar

See you there, crying probably!
Noisey Staff

We Saw Yung Lean at Art Basel With Miami’s Craziest Chicken Man

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he heard Yung Lean and the Sadboys were storming Basel Castle.
Kat Bein

Around the World in 80 Raves: YOH!, South Africa

Clueless and Ryan Gosling, together at last.
Lina Abascal

Meet Sad Andy, Our Broken World's Last Hope

Turns out the future of all music is a weird kid who sleeps on a couch in Oakland, works at American Apparel, and has released exactly four songs, including the one we're premiering.
Drew Millard