I Tried 'Needle Play' to Help Me Get Over My Fear of Needles

What's a turn-on for some, is a nightmare for me.
Djanlissa Pringels
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Four People Were Just Charged with a Hate Crime Over the Chicago Torture Video

One participant in the alleged hate crime shouts "fuck white people!" while allegedly torturing, beating, and cutting a white man on Facebook Live.
Mike Pearl

What Our Love of Sadistic Pranks Tells Us About Ourselves

Scientists know where fear comes from—it's triggered by the feeling of losing control or being rendered powerless in some way. But why is it now a cultural obsession?
Lara Williams

How to Make Sex and Relationships Work When Only One of You Is Kinky

"The dude who once said he had no interest in roleplay or BDSM whatsoever actually surprised me by building a dungeon in our basement while I was out of town."
Sophie Saint Thomas

We Spoke to the Women Protesting Against the '50 Shades of Grey' Film

Stop Porn Culture and 50 Shades Is Abuse are two organizations that believe the film is dangerous in its promotion of violence against women.
Clare Wiley

Identifying 'Criminal' Genes Will Never Prevent Violence But Might Help Explain It

A new study seems to have found two genes closely associated with violent crime, but environmental factors are still a big piece of the puzzle.
Justin Glawe

Let’s Not Let the Jian Ghomeshi Scandal Give BDSM a Bad Name

BDSM lovers are particularly pissed off about Ghomeshi's Facebook post, because if the allegations against him are true, he was engaged in assault, not BDSM.
Sarah Ratchford

Welcome to the Tasteless World of Online Cannibalism

You probably remember that German case. A guy named Armin ate a guy named Bernd after they met on a forum. The forum was removed in 2003, but eCannibalism is still very much alive.
Julian Morgans