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Drugs Addiction

Legit, Safe Places to Inject Heroin Are Closer Than Ever

A tool lots of other countries have tried is suddenly within reach in cities like Philadelphia.
Alex Norcia
Opioid Crisis

The Justice Department said it will shut down "safe injection sites." Denver wants to open one anyway.

Denver just became one of several major U.S. cities to take the first steps in setting up a place for people to use illegal drugs under medical supervision.
Emma Ockerman
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Inside a safe injection site that breaks the law but prevents overdoses

Toronto activists started an illegal safe injection site to prevent opioid overdoses.

Canada Is Making It Easier for Addicts to Inject Drugs Safely

The Canadian government announced Monday that it plans to ease the restrictions on setting up supervised-injection sites imminently. Until then, things don't look good on the ground level.
Jake Kivanc

What It’s Like Saving Lives on the Front Lines of Canada’s Opioid Crisis

"Within the last 12-month period, we're looking at over 1,000 overdoses requiring the use of naloxone," says one of the operators of North America's first supervised injection site.
Sarah Berman

I'm a Doctor Who Thinks America Should Let People Inject Heroin Safely

I know there's a lot more we could be doing for heroin users who haven't quit yet.
Aaron D. Fox

Canadian Prisoners Win Battle to Access Methadone

The change in policy comes just as British Columbia announced a public health emergency due to drug overdose deaths.
Garth Mullins

Montreal Plans to Open Safe Injection Sites With or Without Federal Approval

The first and only legal clinic in North America that allows users to inject drugs under supervision, and without threat of arrest, is in Vancouver. Montreal plans to add four more.
Brigitte Noël

Victoria Won’t Be Getting A Safe Injecting Room Anytime Soon

While Sydney's supervised injecting room has been a widely accepted success, the Victorian government still opposes a facility in Melbourne.
Denham Sadler