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LGBTQ People Are Furious at This Queer Center for Hosting a Right-Wing Event

A campaign to get LGBTQ people to leave the Democratic Party is coming to a prominent New York community center, causing major uproar.
Taylor Hosking
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How Can Colleges Help Muslim Students Feel Safer?

Islamophobia risks being normalized on some campuses.
Oset Babur
Call To Action

Call to Action: Support Casa Ruby

There's no place like home.
Impact Staff
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Muslim Women Have Reported Harassment at College Campuses Since Trump Won

Campuses have also reportedly been marred with pro-Trump graffiti and lines like: "Fuck your safe space."
VICE Staff

Boiler Room Open Up About Their Ill-Fated Weekender Festival: "We Need to Organize Ourselves Better if We Really Value Safe Spaces"

Organizers explain what they would have done differently—and how they're making sure last weekend's mishap never happens again.
Michelle Lhooq

How Real-Life Quidditch Has Become the World's Most Progressive Sport

Who actually plays JK Rowling's made-up broomstick sport? We visited a quidditch tournament and found a safe space for people of all genders and identities.
VICE Staff
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Frankie Teardrop's "Odd Concept" Mix is a Masterclass of Minimal House and Techno

From queer parties to DIY festivals, the Montreal DJ and promoter shares her vision for a more inclusive scene.
Rebecca Krauss
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Why I Took Off All My Clothes at Arca’s Party in Brooklyn Last Week

Getting naked was my way to reclaim clubbing from the putrid claws of heteronormativity, turning it back into a safe space for artists, weirdos and queers.
Lindsey Leonard
Ink Spots

Nothing Is OK: An Interview with the Minds Behind Feminist Journal 'HYSTERIA'

Two members of the journal's collective talk about the many types of feminism and why equality is a utopic but necessary thing to strive for.
Becky Lamming

What 24,000 Facebook Confession Posts Tell Us About College

It’s not all about partying and academics at Tufts.
Clinton Nguyen

A Big Saturday Night in... Brighton!

At any given time, 94 percent of the population of Brighton is part of a stag or hen party.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete